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I have spent just over 15 years working for one of London's busiest emergency services. I am acutely aware of how damaging the stress, bad food and bad hours can be and just finding the motivation to go the gym can be a hard thing to do.


Letting someone do some of the hard work for you, and take the confusion out of what you should be doing is the first step. Having that same person then motivate you and help you every step of the way can be invaluable, especially on those days when you just don't feel up to it.

Most of my clients so far have simply said that knowing that they are doing something makes a huge difference to their lives.

PMW Strength And Fitness was born out of an interest turning into a passion. I have always trained at a gym in one way or another, but through the years I grew frustrated with a lack of any real direction or progress.


Like a lot of people I turned to the internet but this tended to only muddy the waters, as there was so much conflicting advice and misinformation to wade through.


That's when I decided to educate myself and in 2015 I achieved my diploma in Personal Training with Freedom PT in Tonbridge.

Since then I have continued my education and gained several other qualifications in powerlifting and strength and conditioning. This allowed me to achieve my own goals and create a business to help others achieve theirs.


Certified Personal Training Diploma

KBT Level 1, 2 and 3 Strength and Conditioning

KBT Level 1 Powerlifting

UKSCA Planning Effective Programs


1) Stop being tied into expensive gym memberships and not getting value for your money.


2) Don't waste training sessions just “going through the motions”.


3) Get tailored, professional advice.


4) Be challenged and motivated, with sessions that push you to achieve more.


5) Enjoy exercise again - it can, and should, be fun!


6) Reap the enormous benefits of regular exercise, and ultimately, look and feel better.



Training can be conducted in the privacy of your own back garden, or, more commonly on a local green or playing field.


Every session starts with a thorough warm up. This prepares you mentally and physically for the work to come. In the first few sessions I will demonstrate and take you through the exercises, this enables you to perform them safely and with good, efficient form. As you become more experienced the training progresses and I will push you challenge what you think you can do.


I track your progress not only with measurements and body fat analysis, but also by revisiting the fitness tests conducted during the consultation.


It is important to me that you continue to make progress and most importantly enjoy yourself!

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